Wherever the journey may take us

Whether by road, in rail containers, on an aircraft or in a ship's hold, we will happily deliver your goods safely and on time to the ends of the world and back again. And your goods will be travelling in the best of company: our proven efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

All over the country

We keep the controls firmly in our grip as well travel across land. When transporting by road, we can send your goods as a collective delivery, or as partial or full loads to all the major EU states, frequently even towards the east. We maintain an extensive network of reliable transport partners and carry out regular services to the major European cities every week. To help the environment, 60% of your shipments are sent out using the low-emission railway. Since we also have an excellent national network, we can distribute your goods to all the corners of Switzerland. And because our line of business means a great deal to us, we are a member of the Swiss association for international freight forwarding and logistics companies, SPEDLOGSWISS.

How we can help to further you along by road and rail

You have a popular boutique in the trendy end of town in Lausanne-Flon. The hip novelties from Paris must already be hanging on the rail on Saturday – the weather is ripe for summer shopping. This is no problem for our daily Paris-commute for prêt-à-porter products. We pick up your selection from your various Parisian manufacturers and bring them directly to your boutique within 24 hours after the order has been placed – naturally we are aware of how to handle fine fabrics and expensive accessories, regardless of whether they are pre-assembled, hanging or packed. We get through customs early at five o'clock in the morning, so the delivery is ready in time before you open up shop. Thanks to our Paris-commute, you can live by the principle of: ordered today, sold tomorrow.

Quality is in the air

For journeys that cross other lines of latitude, we lift your goods up into the open skies. We can deliver your products all around the world with our global air cargo consolidation services or in individual shipments. We use the airports of Geneva, Zurich and Basel-Mulhouse on a daily basis. And as a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ALU (Asian Logistics Umbrella) we guarantee an efficient and secure journey – there and back.
Our range of services also includes Off-Airport solutions, because it may be more advantageous for you to store your goods in the immediate vicinity, but outside the perimeter of the airport.

How we walk on air for your orders

One of your textile processing machines malfunctions - in Hanoi of all places. Your client urgently needs a replacement part from Switzerland. A clear case for our express service. You provide us with the essential data for your spare part by phone: model, item number, weight, features, etc. We collect it immediately from your plant and send it by courier to the nearest airport. In the meantime, we reserve the fastest flight to Hanoi and complete all the necessary export customs formalities. Our partner agent in Vietnam is also informed at the same time. They take care of the import customs clearance and the delivery to the factory from Hanoi. Your customer can breathe easy – and so can you - because when every hour is critical for you, our express service is counting every minute that passes.

On the same wavelength

We regularly jump into cold water at your command, as we ship FCLs (full container loads), LCLs (less than full container loads) and conventional sea freight out to sea. In Europe, we visit all the key ports and provide a door-to-door service if your destination is not on the sea front. With our container stackers for heavy loads of up to 38 tonnes, we make light work of the changeover from sea to rail containers, and bring together road, rail and sea freight at our own terminal. And as a member of the WFO (World Freight Organisation) we will keep your global cargo shipments flowing.

How we can make waves for you

As a Swiss NGO you want to equip a school in Mozambique with furniture and school supplies. The necessary articles have been donated by various companies. This kind of project is taken on by our overseas division. First, we make sure that your patrons deliver the goods to us in Switzerland in a coordinated manner, along with any necessary authorisations. The articles are then stored in our secure warehouse until the time for loading. Now we organise the freight containers and draw up the export papers. We arrange for Veritas/SGS to carry out the ISO inspection of the goods, while we fill the containers.
Our agent in Mozambique organises the import customs clearance at the port in Maputo and transports the cargo safely to the school. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 for our sea freight specialists.

Specialists for special requests

Good can always be better. That is why we go the extra mile for your special requests. This includes express transportation and courier services or transport of any excessive lengths, heavy loads and temperature-controlled goods. Even at night, we are there for you on the road all over Europe. And that’s not all, we also make sure that sensitive products or measuring equipment arrive safely and ready in time - and of course we make sure that no one can tamper with your delivery during the entire process.

How we take care of your special requests

You produce a fine tipple in Tuscany and would like to present it at the "Foire de Martigny". In this scenario, we can lend you a hand in trade fair logistics. We pick up your wine from your vineyard and deliver it to Martigny; on Saturday at exactly 1pm, your sommelier wants to be there to personally receive the products at the stand. We make sure that the goods clear Italian customs without a problem and that they can remain in Switzerland on a temporary basis. During the event, we store the empties in our interim storage facility - and then back to Martigny after the event. We prepare the stock and empty containers for the journey back home. Now we declare your sales, deduct any VAT, and collect what has to go back. The next morning, everything is back safe and sound with you in Tuscany.